Short visit to Rome

A small team from the DVET flew to Rome on 16 and 17 April 2019 to speak with the responsible persons of EuroGames Rome and to “inspect” the venue. We worked together in a focused and constructive way. The result is the press release published today on 19.04.2019 by Rome, the EGLSF and the DVET.

First good news:

The venue PalaCavicchi is confirmed and appropriate for dance competitions. We will have a large dance floor (of course parquet), spacious changing rooms and food/drinks on site. The rooms are air conditioned. The venue is located near Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA).

PalaCavicci on Google-Maps:

on the photo: Thorsten, Ingeborg, Adriano, Dörte, Klaus, Host (at the back) and Davide, Fabio (in front), 16.04.2019 at PalaCavicchi on the dance floor

More information coming soon …

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