Breaking News: ROME 2019 – End of registration rescheduled

The deadline for the registration for the dance competitions of EuroGames Rome 2019 has been postponed from 18.06. to 30.06.2019!

After the new Organizing Committee started work in mid-April 2019 (as published in the “Common declaration and press release of EGLSF, EuroGames 2019 Roma and DVET referring to the dance tournaments of the EuroGames 2019 in Rome”), many things have been settled in the background. The website, which has been specially created for the dance sport competitions, is gradually filling up with content.

During the last Skype conference with a responsible person of the Roman Executive Committee we – the German-Austrian Orgateam for the dance competitions – were able to arrange that the deadline for registration for the dance competitions has been postponed from 18.06. to 30.06.2019! This offers even more couples the opportunity to sign up.

For participants who were unable to register for several tournaments or with different dance partners due to technical problems with the registration system, we have set up the new e-mail address Please contact us directly via this address, if you have problems with the registration process. In any case, you must ensure that you have registered for Dance Sport in the EuroGames Rome registration system and that you have paid your registration fee. We can then “pair” you correctly if necessary or assign you to your showdance team if you send us all the details by e-mail.

The panel of adjudicators was compiled in accordance with the ESSDA requirements for a European Championship.

Of course, at the end of the last competition day, there will also be the AGM of ESSDA, a Gala Dinner and a Gala Ball at these EuroGames. So be sure to keep Saturday night open for these important events of our dance community!

Unfortunately, there is still confusion about the implementation of the competitions for mixed couples and the Argentine Tango and Salsa competitions, which are run by local organizers and are outside the scope of the Organizing Committee.

Further details about the tournament will be published in the next days. Please check regularly for updates on