Sports health certificate

There were several inquiries regarding the certificate “SELF CERTIFICATION APTITUDE TO PRACTICE SPORTS” required during registration. (Note: The document was made available to us in this version on 28.04.2019 by EuroGames Rome.)

This document will not be signed by your doctor, but by yourself (self-Assessment). Doing this you provide the following statement (this is done for the legal protection of the organizer of EuroGames Rome):

“I declare be in possession of the compulsory medical certificate, valid to compete in the indicated sport below.”

We ask for your understanding that we cannot give any further explanation or even interpretation. However, it should be self-evident to each of us that, in our own interests, we perform our sport only in a way that is appropriate for our personal capacity and that we have our fitness checked out in medical check-ups over a reasonable period of time.