tomorrow, 30.06.2019 is the deadline for registration

Saal Pala3 im Palacavicchi

On Sunday, June 30, is the last chance to register for the dance competitions of EuroGames 2019 Rome or make changes in the registration system. Shortly thereafter, we will publish the startlists on this page, so you can make a final check yourself.

The judges, the masters of ceremonies, our DJanes and we, the scrutineers and organization team are ready and looking forward to three wonderful competition days and the Gala Ball together with YOU at Palacavicchi in Rome-Ciampino.

Mixed competitions of EuroGames Rome cancelled

The numbers of registration for the EuroGames mixed competitions definitely do not allow the implementation of mixed competitions – in any category. However, when we were in Rome in April, we were promised that the Italians / the Italian Dancesport Federation would make an effort to organize those tournaments at the Palacavicchi, which would be open for EuroGames dancers. We have repeatedly asked if that works, but unfortunately without an answer.

As a result, we will now cancel the mixed competitions 🙁

There was a note concerning this this problem already at a very early stage in the schedule we published on

Entrance fees for spectators

EuroGames Rome has now set the entrance fees for spectators of the dance competitions:

  • Day ticket: 8 euros
  • 3-day ticket: 20 euros
  • Gala ball on Saturday: 10 Euro (free entrance for dancers of the EuroGames)
  • Gala buffet at the ball: 25 Euro

Tickets can be purchased at the entrance of Palacavicchi.

Of course, all active dancers have free admission to the dance competitions, even on days when you are not competing.

On Saturday, there will be a gala ball and even a delicious buffet at the EuroGames in Rome to conclude the dance competitions. As soon as registration possibilities have been communicated to us, you will find this information on

Breaking News: ROME 2019 – End of registration rescheduled

Registrierungsseite der EuroGames 2019 Rom

The deadline for the registration for the dance competitions of EuroGames Rome 2019 has been postponed from 18.06. to 30.06.2019!

After the new Organizing Committee started work in mid-April 2019 (as published in the “Common declaration and press release of EGLSF, EuroGames 2019 Roma and DVET referring to the dance tournaments of the EuroGames 2019 in Rome”), many things have been settled in the background. The website, which has been specially created for the dance sport competitions, is gradually filling up with content.

During the last Skype conference with a responsible person of the Roman Executive Committee we – the German-Austrian Orgateam for the dance competitions – were able to arrange that the deadline for registration for the dance competitions has been postponed from 18.06. to 30.06.2019! This offers even more couples the opportunity to sign up.

For participants who were unable to register for several tournaments or with different dance partners due to technical problems with the registration system, we have set up the new e-mail address Please contact us directly via this address, if you have problems with the registration process. In any case, you must ensure that you have registered for Dance Sport in the EuroGames Rome registration system and that you have paid your registration fee. We can then “pair” you correctly if necessary or assign you to your showdance team if you send us all the details by e-mail.

The panel of adjudicators was compiled in accordance with the ESSDA requirements for a European Championship.

Of course, at the end of the last competition day, there will also be the AGM of ESSDA, a Gala Dinner and a Gala Ball at these EuroGames. So be sure to keep Saturday night open for these important events of our dance community!

Unfortunately, there is still confusion about the implementation of the competitions for mixed couples and the Argentine Tango and Salsa competitions, which are run by local organizers and are outside the scope of the Organizing Committee.

Further details about the tournament will be published in the next days. Please check regularly for updates on

Sports health certificate

There were several inquiries regarding the certificate “SELF CERTIFICATION APTITUDE TO PRACTICE SPORTS” required during registration. (Note: The document was made available to us in this version on 28.04.2019 by EuroGames Rome.)

This document will not be signed by your doctor, but by yourself (self-Assessment). Doing this you provide the following statement (this is done for the legal protection of the organizer of EuroGames Rome):

“I declare be in possession of the compulsory medical certificate, valid to compete in the indicated sport below.”

We ask for your understanding that we cannot give any further explanation or even interpretation. However, it should be self-evident to each of us that, in our own interests, we perform our sport only in a way that is appropriate for our personal capacity and that we have our fitness checked out in medical check-ups over a reasonable period of time.

Crowdfunding from dancers for dancers

Jay & Jeff from the Philippines

Jay & Jeff from the Philippines sent us, as co-organizers of the dance competitions of the EuroGames Rome, this message. We forward their request to all dancers and their friends:

Good day, me and my partner are knocking to your good heart, any amount of donations is very much appreciated. We really want to promote same sex dancing and be an inspiration to the Filipino people and to lgbtq that if you have a dreams nothing is impossible. Thank you so much kindly see below the link. Thank you very much!

Note from us: Crowdfunding by Jay & Jeff is in the Philippine Peso (PHP) currency.
Exchange rate from 28.04.2019: 1 EUR = 58.1023 PHP (Source


Sign up until 30/04/2019 and benefit from the discounted registration fee!

SIGN UP NOW - Banner April

Make NOW your travel plans for the EuroGames 2019 in Rome, the “Eternal City”! And above all: register NOW, because until April 30th the discounted registration fees apply:

until 30.04.2019:

  • 70.00 Euro per person (EGLSF members)
  • 85.00 Euro per person (non-EGLSF members)

Old news! The cheaper registration fees are valid until the end of the registration period, 30.06.2019 (the deadline has been extended especially for dancesport).

from 01.05.2019:

  • 90.00 Euro per person (EGLSF members)
  • 120.00 Euro per person (non-EGLSF members)

All DVET and ESSDA members benefit from the EGLSF membership discount. In addition, you can check here if your club / association is a member of the EGLSF:

SIGN UP NOW for you and your dancepartner / your showdance team:

EuroGames Roma 2019 April News

Roma will await you

E-Mail of EGSLF / EuroGames Roma 2019, sent on Monday, April 22, 2019

Become part of the LGBTI+ sport history!

In July, for the very first time ever, EuroGames will take place in Rome/Italy: Be part of it and celebrate sport, inclusion and fun for everyone and the summer in Rome!

In collaboration and with the support of the EGLSF we are working hard to make this unique event a great and unforgettable experience for all of you.

The event will start with the Opening Ceremony which will be an extraordinary mix of all kind of music and dance performances, it will take place at the “Tre Fontane Stadium” (Via delle Tre Fontane, 5, 00144 Roma) which is just a stone throw away from the village.

The high class sport venues for all competitions have been confirmed and together with the sport experts, that are involved into the organization, we can promise you, that the EuroGames Rome will be meeting the high standards that you can expect from an international top class event like EuroGames.

Choose your discipline and give your contribution to the fight against all forms of discrimination, no matter whether it is grounded on race, religion or sexual orientation or gender identity!

Speak up with us: All different, all the same!

From 11 to 13 July you also become a protagonist.

We are waiting for you to experience and enjoy the magic of the “eternal city“ together with us!

Register until 30/04/2019 and benefit not only from the discounted registration fee at: but have also the chance to win one of 10 VIP passes for our fantastic opening ceremony which will give you access to the VIP area!

Don’t wait too long, the registration fee will go up soon!

We are looking froward to seeing you in Rome,

Team EuroGames Roma

Short visit to Rome

Thorsten, Ingeborg, Adriano, Dörte, Klaus, Host, Davide, Fabio

A small team from the DVET flew to Rome on 16 and 17 April 2019 to speak with the responsible persons of EuroGames Rome and to “inspect” the venue. We worked together in a focused and constructive way. The result is the press release published today on 19.04.2019 by Rome, the EGLSF and the DVET.

First good news:

The venue PalaCavicchi is confirmed and appropriate for dance competitions. We will have a large dance floor (of course parquet), spacious changing rooms and food/drinks on site. The rooms are air conditioned. The venue is located near Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA).

PalaCavicci on Google-Maps:

on the photo: Thorsten, Ingeborg, Adriano, Dörte, Klaus, Host (at the back) and Davide, Fabio (in front), 16.04.2019 at PalaCavicchi on the dance floor

More information coming soon …

The Roma 2019 Declaration

19.04.2019 /// Common declaration and press release of EGLSF, EuroGames 2019 Roma and DVET referring to the dance tournaments of the EuroGames 2019 in Rome

After the organisers of the EuroGames 2019 and ESSDA (European Same-Sex Dance Association) failed to come to an understanding about holding the European Championships at the EuroGames 2019 in Rome, Italy, because of financial demands, DVET, an EGLSF member association, has liaised, as an EGLSF sport specialist, with Rome to take responsibility for the dancing tournaments of the EuroGames 2019 in July.

DVET, despite being the national same-sex dance sport association of Germany, is aspiring to establish an international group of people with experience and expertise in organizing large same-sex dance competitions who are able to create a high level 3-day tournament within the remaining time of 3 months only. Germany has already hosted four EuroGames dance competitions in the past as well as the Gay Games 2010 and the ESSDA European Championships 2017 and will also be host country of the EuroGames 2020 in Dusseldorf. The annually held German International Championships, granted by the DVET and stretched over two full competition days, is the largest same-sex dance competition beyond Gay Games and EuroGames.

Suffering from the lack of large sponsors and public means the overall budget of Roma 2019 is much more limited than the budget of former and future EuroGames host cities. Moreover, Italy, although being one of the world leading countries in mainstream ballroom and latin dancing, has no tradition in same-sex dance sports at all. Bearing in mind that well organized dance competitions with spectacular performances on the dance floor are able to open doors and hearts, it would be a shame to leave out this unique opportunity to bring out same-sex dancing to Italy.

Despite the work that still lies ahead, the board of DVET is willing to support EuroGames Roma 2019 in spite of, or just because of, the special circumstances of a low budget and lack of experience.

If it is working well pooled forces from all over Europe may realize same-sex dancing competitions in Rome which are at least worth to be called “unofficial European Championships” afterwards.

Although a fair quantity of china has already been broken by awkward ESSDA statements, the upcoming organizing committee and the hosts in Rome are strongly encouraging the European same-sex dancing community to (re)build trust in Roma 2019 and to support all the future voluntary efforts by making their registrations for the EuroGames same-sex dance competitions in July without further hesitations.

Annette Wachter & Hugh Torrance, co-presidents European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation
Adriano Bartolucci Proietti, direttore generale di EuroGames 2019 Roma
Dörte Lange, Präsidentin Deutscher Verband für Equality-Tanzsport

The Roma 2019 Declaration, 19.04.2019 (pdf, engl.)